At EchoLight Studios, we exist to produce high-quality films that reflect a worldview distinguished by God’s truths. With stories ranging from action-adventure to family comedy to the dramatic re-telling of classic true stories of redemption, EchoLight Studios makes movies that shine a bright light on the adventurous journey of faith. Welcome aboard!



With an alliance of seasoned production professionals stretching from Hollywood to Nashville (and far beyond), EchoLight movies are made by producers, writers, directors, actors and craftspeople who are bringing experience and expertise to the telling of our stories. At EchoLight Studios, we’re committed to making movies that make a difference, and we’re working with talented filmmakers to make that happen.

What people are saying

  • Our church was in the process of looking into having a movie night at the church... At best we were hoping to show a relatively new release but with EchoLight we are able to “premiere” outstanding movies that are suitable for all ages and have Christian values at their core.

    Robert R.
  • We had over 100 more than our normal Wednesday night attendance!... Unlike some movies we watch, the congregation clapped at the end. I can say confidently that the Pastors, Elders, and congregation so appreciated watching a quality movie about such an important subject.

    Jeff P., Redding, CA


Films made either by and/or for the faith-centered community are exploding. No doubt, it’s a very exciting time. It’s a broad field, with a wide variety of artistic expressions. At EchoLight Studios, we believe that stories about the most significant aspect of the human experience should be told with unflinching creative integrity. We’re committed to making faith-centered films that are engaging and entertaining.